Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Dear Men, 
I salute you this day for your indispensable role as the front liners in most endeavors. You are doing great but I want to draw your attention to something very important that Adam failed to do in the Garden of Eden. 

When it comes to sharing ideas and vision, most men sideline their partners. Some choose to give just headlines and omit the details. Most women know their husbands as businessmen but can't pinpoint the actual business the man is into.

Adam was on the scene before Eve came and he was given detailed orientation by God. Unfortunately, Eve had no detailed orientation and information of the "why, how & what?" to some rules being made.

One simple question from the devil threw away the little knowledge Eve had about eating the fruit. "Did God REALLY say you must not eat this fruit?".

This question calls for detailed information than a yes or no answer.

Man, if you fail to explain the bigger picture & the bigger vision to your woman, then be assured that the devil will do so but you won't like the results.

Every man needs a maximum support from his partner and this only happens when your wife understands the "why & how?" and can give you a better support and advice where necessary.

Women love men with a vision. No matter how big your vision is and what you are doing in life as a single man, your woman may switch and leave you for another man with a clearer vision and a future.

Don't allow the devil to explain your vision to your partner like Adam did. Do it first and she will pass the tests and temptations of the devil. If you do not have time for your wife, then the devil will do but you will not like the results. Think about it. Do not be like Adam, the first ever World’s Most Busy CEO who was too busy to have time with his wife.  

Amos 3:3, "Can two walk together? Unless they agree to do so" Let the terms of the agreements be clear without any ambiguity and see the difference.

Think about it
Reflect on it & 
Share it with your friends.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli
Email: ekakorli@gmail.com 

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