Thursday, 19 November 2015


Writer: Ernest K. Akorli

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As a Christian or a Pastor, it doesn't matter how powerful the sermons you preach or how powerful you pray, your lifestyle carries equal power just as the message you preach. If people will believe in your God and follow Him and worship Him alone then it depends on your relationship with your God and how your God has transformed your life. It does not only depend on what you say or preach alone who you are after encountering your God.  

How to make Christianity Attractive
    4.   Be Friendly
How can you make Christianity attractive if you do not show yourself as someone approachable and friendly? Do not confuse yourself with the fact that you are not supposed to equally yoke together with unbelievers. This friendship is to establish rapport with unbelievers, making it easier to approach them and be approached.

   5.   Be an Example
Remember that you are the ambassador of Christ wherever you find yourself and you are supposed to live an exemplary life to depict the virtues of Christians. Know that you are not making Christianity attractive if you are part of corrupt activities, stealing and serious compromising situations which even unbelievers will not do.

Remember that the blood of Jesus has washed you and set you apart to be an example onto others.

   6.   Be financially independent
Do not be confused here! I am not saying you should crave and love money or the material things of this world. "You don't make Christianity and serving God attractive to your generation if your life is not a testimony and the reason for which someone will want to know your God. I have seen Christians and pastors whose children have gone wayward & joined occult groups. People won't look at how seriously broke you are and come to God but how your God has transformed your life", Ernest K. Akorli.

It is a shameful thing for a Christian to be borrowing money from unbelievers and be swallowed by debt. How can you make Christianity attractive to others?

Making Christianity attractive is not the reserve of Pastors and all Ministers of the Gospel but a duty for all and sundry who have believed the Gospel. Making Christianity attractive is your lifestyle, what you do, how you react to things and everything you do as you relate to others as a Christian.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli