Friday, 2 October 2015


Young man, listen to wisdom. When I was in school as a kid, teachers taught us that there are some parts of the human body called PRIVATE PARTS. This means they are for private ownership only. If you are following any lady who exposes her private and vital parts in skimpy dresses then you are not safe. Why will you marry someone who has turned her PRIVATE PART into PUBLIC PARTY?

Incline your ears to the wisdom of the wise and safeguard your feeble heart and future from destruction. Public facilities deteriorate faster than private ones. Why? Most of them are meant to entertain people but not to be retained by one person. Public parties are public events meant for the feasting of the masses of people. 

If you know you are very jealous and cannot afford to share your woman with other people, then look out for someone who has a sense of ‘private ownership’ of her private parts.

And to the ladies also, any man who has turned his private parts into a testing public equipment for public use is not worth a man enough to live with as husband. He is a player and a 'public officer' whose aim is to render 'public service' to immoral women as well. 

Listen and hid to the ugly truth. It will save your soul and life. 

Think about it. 
Reflect on it. 
And share it with friends. 

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli