Thursday, 19 November 2015


Writer: Ernest K. Akorli
You cannot boast of what you are about to do no matter how great your ideas are. After conceiving the ideas, you need to make conscious efforts to transform them from the abstract stage in your mind to the realization stage. Anyone can conceive a great idea but not everyone can start it. A lot more have moved from the abstract level to start the ideas but could not reach the growth level and maturity.

You need to plan and plan. Thinking is difficult; hence only a few people do good thinking for something great. Planning to make a great difference to realize your ideas involves great thinking. Many of the challenges in our days and the worst maladies of our generation were the results of lazy thinking and little planning.

Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise for you. If only you want to hit the mark then work in silence. Yes, work in silence and with time, success will announce your presence. This is because the world and the bias media are ready to listen to the man that has overcome all hurdles heckling him in life to achieve great feat.

You have wonderful stories and great ideas to transform lives but people may not be interested to listen to you because today you are a ‘nobody’. Even when celebrities and stars remain silent for a while, people poke them to say something and that becomes news worth talking about. The secret is work hard to excel at whatever you do and you will see the bias media now chasing you for news items. Yes, work hard in silence; and let success make the noise for you.

Let your works speak for you! Let your success be sung on the lips of other people! And this can only happen when you work in silence. Thomas Edison worked in silence for a long time before he succeeded in inventing the light bulb. During all those years of his trial and error, he was still working in silence. Nobody valued him and people might have rejected him but when success announced his presence, people did not want to leave him but be with him to hear him speak. Work in silence and let your success announce you in life.

Your success will bring you to the limelight if no one seems to know you, recognize and appreciate you. Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise for you.

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