Tuesday, 3 November 2015


"If you do not take delight in building lifelong relationships, you will soon discover that you are left alone as time elapses.  Build lifelong relationships with people and stop the transactional relationships", Ernest K. Akorli.
Many people claim to have lots of friends but in times of need and trouble, they discover that they are left all alone. The secret is simple; do not be interested in making casual friendships all the time.
It is good to have a lot of casual friends but there should be some caliber of friends that should be part of the core of your life. These are the kind of friends you should share ideas with them.
If someone can really stand in the gap and risk their lives for you in your worst moments, then it depends on your worth and the level of your trust and friendship.
The pathetic thing about transactional friendship is that, people will only remember you whenever they need that particular service you can provide them. After satisfaction of the service provided, you are forgotten about and not remembered.
At times, how far you go in life depends on the quality of friends you have. Building a quality relationship and friendship is a matter of time, consistent efforts and deliberate actions to stay connected and united.  
You can bump into someone by chance and easily become friends but such friendship cannot thrive on chance. It will rot and decay. This accounts for the reason why at times, you have to really say a lot of things to remind the other person of how you both met, what really happened and how you became friends. That could be embarrassing.
Inasmuch as you seek to build lifelong relationships and friends, note that you cannot befriend everybody. Quality relationship is best managed when you have only a few people forming the core of your life. I am who I am today by the grace of God through the quality relationship I have with people.
Writer: Ernest K. Akorli