Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Writer: Ernest K. Akorli

"You don't make Christianity and serving God attractive to your generation if your life is not a testimony and the reason for which someone will want to know your God. I have seen Christians and pastors whose children have gone wayward & joined occult groups. People won't look at how seriously broke you are and come to God but how your God has transformed your life", Ernest K. Akorli.

If you have been serving God for your entire life and your conditions in life are nothing better than beggary and a pauper’s life then you don’t have any message to convince people and brag about your God. After seeking the kingdom of God, all other things will be added to you for free as the Bible said. There are some blessings that you don’t have to request for them so long as you remain a faithful child of God.

Your heavenly Father knows that you need those things for your survival. You have to put your life in check if things are going worse each time.

How to make Christianity Attractive
   1. Live by the Word but not mere words
What you say and preach about are as important as your values which speak louder than even the message you are preaching. Live by what you believe and say. There shouldn’t be a sharp contrast between what you believe and confess.

Today, there are a lot of hypocrite Christians around unbelievers. If you confess Christ as Lord and Saviour and yet live your life like unbelievers, then note that you are not making Christianity attractive.  

Christianity is all about living like Christ so learn to repackage yourself and make Christianity attractive. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Let there be a clear distinction between things your religion and personal principles permit and things you won’t permit in your life no matter what happens.

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