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Don't Give Up Because Others Have Already Gone Ahead

Sometimes, if you watch the speed at which some people are moving forward in life, you may be dismayed and greatly worried. It is important to know that, we are all running different races. Don’t stop because others have already arrived.
A 100 or 200 meter race demands fast speed for completion while another person on a 5000 meter race may decide to take it slowly but steadily according to his own pacing. It is an error to reduce your speed based on what you see others do. You might be running different races altogether. It is your race and your vision that will determine your speed in life.
On the day God declared that all species of animals should enter Noah’s Ark, it did not matter which fastest animals got there first. It did not matter which of the animals arrived next. They all went according to their own speed limits in life and that could not discourage the others from moving towards the Ark. Remember, Noah’s Ark never was never shut and never until all the animals entered. Do not think that there is no place for you again all because many people have already gone ahead and arrived. There are more opportunities not explored.
As I pondered on the different races we run in life and more especially, the call of God for all animals to enter the Ark of Noah, I deduced some motivational lessons to share with you.
Reasons Why You Must Not Stop Because Others Have Arrived Already
  1. We All Have Different Races and Different Purpose
Your purpose in life will determine the kind of race you have to run. If you are not careful, you will shift your focus and attention from your own destiny and concentrate your efforts in just watching someone pursue his or her dreams.
  1. How Far You Go Will Determine Your Speed in Life
Whether short or long distance, your speed is determined by your own preparations and attitude. Many people enter a race or start a project not necessarily to emerge victorious but to try and see whether it will work out.
  1. Earlier Arrival Doesn’t Close The Door To Others
Sometimes, some people get discouraged because another person has already stepped ahead of them to achieve similar projects they thought of. The fact that someone has achieved it already does not mean that that door is forever shut behind you. The fastest animals may be the first to reach the Ark of Noah but that would not have shut the Ark. The fact that someone has already achieved a great success in your field of pursuit does not mean you cannot do same or better.
  1. Sometimes, Earlier Arrivers Don’t Get Noticed
Life is very interesting. Sometimes, those who arrive earlier are not really noticed. Whether someone has really made much noise through massive publicity or not, you are of your own kind and a unique person altogether. Keep on moving.
  1. A Late Arrival Sometimes Call For Standing Ovation
After the fastest animals had all arrived earlier, Mr. Tortoise and Mr. Snail now showed up. It wasn’t that they wanted to show off hence came late but they maintained their speed. Surprisingly, the Ark will not be shut because they had not arrived yet. The most important personalities at important function are sometimes, the last to arrive after all is set. I pray that your late arrival in life will cause people to give you a standing ovation.
Don’t stop because others have already arrived.
Don’t pack your tools and stop working.
Don’t get discouraged all because you think people may not even notice you.
Don’t stop because you feel like stopping.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015



A powerful prayer to be said with faith and passion for an answered prayer. 

No matter how fiercely wide the enemy will open his mouth against me, God will surely lead me to finish the year and cross me over to another year with better expectation in Jesus' name. I shut every evil mouth and sharp teeth that are open against me and to bite and swallow me.

No matter the plans of the devil concerning my life, the plans of God are greater and far better than the schemes of the devil against me.

No matter the kind of sicknesses that the devil may inflict me with, the Lord my God is my healer who will heal me from all infirmities in life.

It doesn't matter the kind of economic hardship and the naked poverty that has engulfed me, the blessings of the Lord will make me rich and I shall have enough food to spare and even give to the poor and needy in the society.

No matter the plans of the devil concerning my marriage, I shall have a blissful marriage according to the plans and purposes of God concerning my life and marriage.

It doesn't matter the kind of terrible conditions I am going through in life, one thing that cannot be disputed is no condition is permanent. Surely, no evil and wicked condition is permanent.

No matter the orchestrations of the devil to finish me, curtail my goals and thwart my destiny, God is still saying: I know the plans I have for you; they are thoughts of peace and not evil so that I will have an expected future.

No matter what may happen to me, I shall not be shaken or afraid become because the Lord is my strength and my helper. No evil shall befall me and my family. I am who God says I am but not according to the words of men or the predictions of my teachers, family and friends in Jesus’ name.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Joseph had a dream of becoming a great man in his time but it never happened until he interpreted 2 Prisoners dreams and finally, Pharaoh's dream. Joseph became the Prime Minister when he decided to put his own dream aside and assist Pharaoh to achieve his dream by working hard to get enough food for Egypt.

Assisting Pharaoh to achieve his dreams made his own dreams to be achieved and fulfilled at the appropriate and the right time. Here are a few lessons to be learnt from the story of Joseph in the Bible.
Lessons from the Story
1.    Support other people's dreams and yours too will be supported and achieved.

2.    You need someone to partner you; you cannot do it all alone. It takes only one person to conceive an idea but it takes a group of people to achieve the bigger goal.
3.    Working for someone today may not be a waste of time; it might be God's method to   achieve yours. Sometimes, you need to acquire some experience from somewhere in order to learn how to manage your own.
4.    Exhibit skill and wisdom in all you do, this paved a way for Joseph.
5.    Every dream has its own time to be fulfilled so keep your hope alive. Though the vision may delay, wait for it. It will surely come to pass (Hab. 2:3)
6.    Joseph did not give up after he interpreted one Prisoner's dream but he finally forgot him in prison when all was well with him. Don't give up despite the disappointment. Your failure should not derail you from the ultimate goal.
7.    Even while in prison, Joseph kept his dreams and hopes alive. No matter the kind of prison in which you are, nobody can imprison the power of your imaginations and your ideas so brighten the corner where you are.
8.    Above all, God was with him and he prospered in all he did. You can do nothing without God. In your dealings and planning for the New Year, seek God and see the great elevation and opportunities that await you.

In 2016, support someone's dream or vision.
Think about it

Reflect on it & 
Pass it on to a friend.

Writer: Elder Ernest K. Akorli

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Writer: Ernest K. Akorli

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As a Christian or a Pastor, it doesn't matter how powerful the sermons you preach or how powerful you pray, your lifestyle carries equal power just as the message you preach. If people will believe in your God and follow Him and worship Him alone then it depends on your relationship with your God and how your God has transformed your life. It does not only depend on what you say or preach alone who you are after encountering your God.  

How to make Christianity Attractive
    4.   Be Friendly
How can you make Christianity attractive if you do not show yourself as someone approachable and friendly? Do not confuse yourself with the fact that you are not supposed to equally yoke together with unbelievers. This friendship is to establish rapport with unbelievers, making it easier to approach them and be approached.

   5.   Be an Example
Remember that you are the ambassador of Christ wherever you find yourself and you are supposed to live an exemplary life to depict the virtues of Christians. Know that you are not making Christianity attractive if you are part of corrupt activities, stealing and serious compromising situations which even unbelievers will not do.

Remember that the blood of Jesus has washed you and set you apart to be an example onto others.

   6.   Be financially independent
Do not be confused here! I am not saying you should crave and love money or the material things of this world. "You don't make Christianity and serving God attractive to your generation if your life is not a testimony and the reason for which someone will want to know your God. I have seen Christians and pastors whose children have gone wayward & joined occult groups. People won't look at how seriously broke you are and come to God but how your God has transformed your life", Ernest K. Akorli.

It is a shameful thing for a Christian to be borrowing money from unbelievers and be swallowed by debt. How can you make Christianity attractive to others?

Making Christianity attractive is not the reserve of Pastors and all Ministers of the Gospel but a duty for all and sundry who have believed the Gospel. Making Christianity attractive is your lifestyle, what you do, how you react to things and everything you do as you relate to others as a Christian.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli


Writer: Ernest K. Akorli
You cannot boast of what you are about to do no matter how great your ideas are. After conceiving the ideas, you need to make conscious efforts to transform them from the abstract stage in your mind to the realization stage. Anyone can conceive a great idea but not everyone can start it. A lot more have moved from the abstract level to start the ideas but could not reach the growth level and maturity.

You need to plan and plan. Thinking is difficult; hence only a few people do good thinking for something great. Planning to make a great difference to realize your ideas involves great thinking. Many of the challenges in our days and the worst maladies of our generation were the results of lazy thinking and little planning.

Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise for you. If only you want to hit the mark then work in silence. Yes, work in silence and with time, success will announce your presence. This is because the world and the bias media are ready to listen to the man that has overcome all hurdles heckling him in life to achieve great feat.

You have wonderful stories and great ideas to transform lives but people may not be interested to listen to you because today you are a ‘nobody’. Even when celebrities and stars remain silent for a while, people poke them to say something and that becomes news worth talking about. The secret is work hard to excel at whatever you do and you will see the bias media now chasing you for news items. Yes, work hard in silence; and let success make the noise for you.

Let your works speak for you! Let your success be sung on the lips of other people! And this can only happen when you work in silence. Thomas Edison worked in silence for a long time before he succeeded in inventing the light bulb. During all those years of his trial and error, he was still working in silence. Nobody valued him and people might have rejected him but when success announced his presence, people did not want to leave him but be with him to hear him speak. Work in silence and let your success announce you in life.

Your success will bring you to the limelight if no one seems to know you, recognize and appreciate you. Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise for you.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Writer: Ernest K. Akorli

At times, it is not that some people are simply recalcitrant and adamant to the call of salvation and refusing to leave their sinful lives and accept the Lord as Saviour. It is just that the life of the believers around them are not different and better than the sinful lives they live.                                                             

How to make Christianity Attractive
   2.   Show love
The foundation of Christianity is premised on love. “For God so love the world and gave His only begotten son…” John 3:16. Do not reject unbelievers entirely in your life. How can you win for Christ and be saved if you do not first show love, get closer to them and speak the gospel of the Cross to the dying souls? Remember that God first loved us before we were saved by grace so show love and compassion to those who aren’t in the safe faith with you. It is not time to condemn people.

It is not enough to be a Christian. You have a responsibility to maintain your identity as a Christian and make Christianity attractive to others. Apart from preaching the Gospel of Christ for all and sundry to come to the saving knowledge of Christ, your life is also an important message to unbelievers around you.

   3.   Be Generous
It is very pathetic when unbelievers rather show great love to their neighbours who are in trouble while Christians shun and turn deaf ears to such situations. That is uncharacteristic of the true mark of a Christian. Show love to both believers and unbelievers.

There are a lot of Biblical references on giving and generosity. As a matter of fact, God did not bless you to lord yourself over people, be worshipped and praised but to serve others and make life more comforter for them. In Proverbs 21:13, the Bible said “He who shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry one day and not be heard”. Your generosity can save some people and switch their lives geared towards eternal damnation to eternal life. 



Writer: Ernest K. Akorli

"You don't make Christianity and serving God attractive to your generation if your life is not a testimony and the reason for which someone will want to know your God. I have seen Christians and pastors whose children have gone wayward & joined occult groups. People won't look at how seriously broke you are and come to God but how your God has transformed your life", Ernest K. Akorli.

If you have been serving God for your entire life and your conditions in life are nothing better than beggary and a pauper’s life then you don’t have any message to convince people and brag about your God. After seeking the kingdom of God, all other things will be added to you for free as the Bible said. There are some blessings that you don’t have to request for them so long as you remain a faithful child of God.

Your heavenly Father knows that you need those things for your survival. You have to put your life in check if things are going worse each time.

How to make Christianity Attractive
   1. Live by the Word but not mere words
What you say and preach about are as important as your values which speak louder than even the message you are preaching. Live by what you believe and say. There shouldn’t be a sharp contrast between what you believe and confess.

Today, there are a lot of hypocrite Christians around unbelievers. If you confess Christ as Lord and Saviour and yet live your life like unbelievers, then note that you are not making Christianity attractive.  

Christianity is all about living like Christ so learn to repackage yourself and make Christianity attractive. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Let there be a clear distinction between things your religion and personal principles permit and things you won’t permit in your life no matter what happens.

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