Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Bear the right fruit today. Jesus said every tree is recognized by its own fruits and not looks. This means the fruit is a symbolic representation of the potentials in the tree. And now the question is: Are the fruits you are bearing NOW reflecting your true potentials in life?

If you feel you have more potential deposits in you than what you do and what we see, then note that you might be living and operating below average. Jesus said: “…whoever believes in me will do what I’ve been doing and do even greater things than these”, John 14:12.

This means the average benchmark for measuring the fruitfulness of your potentials and the power deposited in you is to reach at least the level of Jesus Christ. This can only be attained by bearing the right fruit. 

Can we think and reflect here on how to bear the right fruit? There are more power and potentials lying dormant in you than you can ever imagine. Do not allow anything to hinder you from doing the best. The whole world awaits to hear your success story. If you don’t work on your potentials today and use the power given you, then you will have nothing to show tomorrow.

Remember, any time you find yourself explaining to people whom you think you are because their perceptions and comments about you do not reflect you, then note that you are exhibiting a different fruit and you are noted and recognized for the wrong thing. Let your works speak and represent your true self and potentials in life.
Think about it. 
Reflect on it.
And pass it on to a friend.

Elder Ernest K. Akorli

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