Thursday, 29 October 2015


There is no useless person in this world. It is just that their time of usefulness has not yet come.
Do not cut down your tree because others are bearing fruits and yours isn't. Human beings are like trees; we blossom and do exploits according to time and season.
Know your season and wait for your harvest for God never creates anything useless.
Sometimes, parents declare their children useless and not worth investing into their education and future but God sees a seed of greatness in them, hence He gives them life each day to keep trying until perfection.
Some years ago, I planted some seeds but all did not germinate at once. Earlier germination is not a guarantee for fruitfulness & success. Some died along the line and others didn't even bear fruits at all but most of the late germinated seeds survived.
Never declare someone USELESS. It's just a matter of time and season for God will never waste His time to create useless things. No. God will not waste His time to create you if you will be a nuisance to the world.
There is no useless person in this world. It is just a matter of nursing your potentials and talents and at the right time, your usefulness will be seen. It is a terrible thing to look down on people and reject them because of their background, sickness and critical conditions and declare them useless. If they had a choice, they would not be born sick and in that worst conditions.

Do not let your privileges in life cause you to look down on others and declare them useless.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli