Friday, 17 July 2015


  “A great marriage is not when perfect couple come together but it is when imperfect couple learns to enjoy their difference”, Dave Meurer. 

At times, it is not that you have not met the right person that is why things are not
moving on the way you expect it in your marriage and relationship. It is simply that
you might be doing the wrong things and putting up wrong attitudes to make it not
work better for both of you.

There is peace, happiness and joy in understanding in each other’s differences. When we learn to harness each other’s differences, we will realize the strength in our diversities and the later benefits that will accrue us.

The first step to enjoying our indifference is to know and accept that we are different people altogether from different backgrounds, different values, ideas, beliefs and individual character and personality traits.

If you do not fully accept your partner regardless of the indifference, you are rather creating discomfort in your relationship and gradually reducing the bond of affection between. It is better to call it quit if you know you do not have the heart to tolerate your partner’s indifference and at the same time, complaining all the time, putting up hurting attitudes and otherwise to cut off the happiness in the relationship. If you are married and battling with this indifference, then know that there is a way to happiness. And that is to first accept the person as he/she is and love that person.

Learn to enjoy the difference for out this comes happiness and testimony.  

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