Friday, 12 December 2014


Each morning, you have two choices to make either to read the Good News (Bible) or Newspapers. Whatever the choice you make, it will have a lasting impact on you for the day. Read the Good News and receive divine news and direction for the day. Listen to news and get angry at times for the bad governance and the big mess in the economy. 

Inasmuch as we have to know what is happening in the economy and be abreast of issues, listening to news first could be disastrous. There were several times that I first listened to news in the morning and my mood and demeanour were destroyed for the day. I hardly got a little appetite to eat. In the early mornings, our minds are fresh and ready to receive, store and process any kind of information we feed it with. Feeding the human mind with heartbreaking stories could be at times disheartening. 

There were times that people go to work and discuss events and news items published in the dailies. This affects productivity and creativity for the day. That is not worth your sweat and efforts a reward. Listening to news or reading the dailies is not a bad idea, but your source of inspiration for the day is very important. If what you hear each morning does not inspire, then you are expiring gradually. 

Read the Good news and increase your life because Christ said His words are spirit and life. Read the news from the papers and reduce your life by getting angry, insulting the government and finally get high BP. 

The best thing to do is to read the Good News first before reading the newspapers. How can you expect God to give you visions and directions when you refuse to read them in the Good News but will read all newspapers for the day and later fast and pray for vision and direction? 

Good Morning to you all