Tuesday, 16 December 2014


As I found a seat for myself in a commercial vehicle to town, there appeared this young man wearing his very best. He was full of confidence and pride all because of the dress he was wearing that caught the attention of almost everyone. Unfortunately for him, the next passenger to see by him was a very tired and dirty young man drenched in smelling sweat all over his body without even a handkerchief to clean.

I could visibly see anger boiling and welling up in the heart of the well-dressed man as he warned the latter not to soil his dress. He whirled his eyes in the car to move to any available empty seat but found none. This did not only create a scene in the car but shifted all attention and kept people imagining where at all this well dressed young man was going (Entertaining such terrible situation is not easy though)

Soon, our car was caught in traffic and a hawker came asking the passengers to buy his PK Chewing Gum. Surprisingly, this hawker was wearing the same shirt as the well-dressed man just that the hawker’s had faded and somehow torn.

The conductor specifically drew the attention of the well-dressed man to note that the shirt he prided himself was a rag and ‘working gear’ for another person. The confidence and pride of this well-dressed man vanished at once.

In my sober reflections, I realized that so many people are confident and proud of so many things that are considered rags and useless for other people. For instance:
a.      Your best educational Certificates could be someone’s worst level of education
b.      The mansion you boast of is someone’s village cottage
c.       The most expensive car your surround yourself is used by someone’s house help
d.      Your greatest achievements is someone’s worst failure
e.       The account balance you boast of is what forced someone to fast and pray fearing bankruptcy   

If so, then why all these empty pride in life? Rather, let’s all be confident but humble in life. Do not be proud because you have something that those around you do not have. The well-dressed young man was full of pride because he had “dressed to kill” because no one’s dress comes near his.

The one who becomes proud and lords over others just because of his material possessions has missed some essential things in life. He must know that, the sun does not always rise at one angle. As your sun rises, others’ are set. Remember that what you have is just by grace so no one should boast.

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