Monday, 8 December 2014


As I sat down at the restaurant, I clicked my fingers to signal the waitress to come and take my orders for lunch. I then took my android phone to read something as I was promised to be served my chilled drink and food in a jiffy.

Within flashy moments, two fair and beautiful ladies walked in and sat by the table just next to me. One of them was too heavily endowed at the back while the other was just normal but nearing the opposite of the earlier figure. 

The only beef I had with them was their loud conversation that kept on piercing my ears and distracting my reading. I personally hate such loud conversations that would disturb the third party who doesn't need it.

“Tracy, as for me, my body is a money making machine”, the lady with the heavy backside side. “I make more money from my catchy and curvy body more than my monthly salary as an Operations Officer in my company. Each day, men follow and pester me like something else. This becomes worst when I dress in my very best and walk gorgeously”.
“Eeeii Lucy, you always have something new to tell me about your escapades with guys”, Tracy replied.

“Oh sure! I wouldn't have got my new job if It weren't the killer stuffs I have on me”, Lucy sarcastically said and they both burst into laughter.

Those wild utterances caught my attention and forced me to start thinking at once. As I sipped my drink and ate my food in a hurry to leave for a late afternoon meeting, the loud conversation between the ladies continued but I lose track of them.

In my sober reflections, I realized how some women confidently depend on and trust their bodies to get them a job and everything they need in life. Most of these young ladies are ready to do anything whether society and religion frown on it or not.

As some people are studying harder and trusting God to get jobs, others too without proper qualification also trust their boobs, butts and looks to get them what they want. Unfortunately, the latter sometimes manage to maneuver their ways through, making arrant mockery of honest and genuinely qualified people.

The lady confidently said she got her job as the Operations Officer all because of her ‘catchy and curvy body’. Please women, it is not wrong to be blessed with such bodies but what makes it wrong is using it as a bait to hook whatever you want in life through dishonest means.

We are all living in a borrowed body but erroneously think we own ourselves and can do whatever we want. Very soon, the owner will ask us all to account for whatever we did with our body.

Remember, your body is the temple of God and whoever destroys it will God also destroy. 1 Corinthians 3:17

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