Friday, 4 July 2014


As soon as Mr. Yawson's alarm clock struck at 4:00am, he flicked his eyes open, gave out a loud yawn and swung to his feet. He quickly scurried to the washroom to wash down and prepare for work. He knew he has a tall to-do list and attend countless meetings to seal a business deal. There he heard a voice that sent a shiver into his spine and he froze at once. 

"My son, I love you so much but you don't return my love. It's always about you, your work, workers, customers and you. I kept you alive this morning, gave you good health & strength but no appreciation and simple thank you for me. You don’t have time to talk to me all because you claim you are always busy. Ironically, you make time to call your customers & thank them but you at times forget to thank me for giving you the life and strength to make all those monies that have preoccupied you.

“You don't even have time for your family. Putting money on the table for your family is not a sign of a good and a responsible father. Your money cannot build their strong spiritual relationship with me. Your money cannot buy them personal salvation. It all depends on you. You have to introduce them to true worship and teach them how live a godly life.

“Sadly, you only talk to me when in need. Oh my son, what kind of relationship is this that you only talk to your father when you are only in need? The big amounts of money you give in church only assists my work but I’m not impressed. Money cannot restitute the quality time I want to share with you”.

At this moment, Mr. Yawson broke down in tears when he realized how busy schedules had caused him to neglect his God and his family. He slowly went on bended knees as tears welled up in his eyes and glittered. The voice continued to speak.
“I deliberately blessed you to be a blessing to the church, your family and many people. Unfortunately, you don’t even have time to attend church and spend quality time with your family. My son, I just wanted to test you with this little opportunity but you have proved to me that a bigger opportunity will sweep your feet away from my house.

“I am always watching my children. Their attitudes towards me in times of abundance will determine what I’ll do next in their lives. My son, if only you will know my purpose for your life, then you won’t be chasing after the gifts of this world and neglect the giver of the gifts.
“If only you will have time for me and my work and your family, then you can go far in life”, the voice ended.

Mr. Yawson could not utter any word. He fell prostrate on the floor in the washroom as he prayed for forgiveness. As a sign of repentance, he called his entire household and led morning devotion for the first time. His words of exhortation were the exact words the voice told him. That marked the beginning of daily devotion life in the family of the Yawsons.

My friends, God is not interested in our offerings if we cannot first offer our time and bodies to Him for His work and purpose. How will you feel if your life partner, boyfriend or girlfriend only talks to you when that person needs money or something? That’s how God feels about us when we neglect Him. It’s time to stop chasing material things and have time for God as well.

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