Monday, 16 June 2014


Dear Black Stars, the whole nation repose much confidence in you and are looking up to you. You did us proud during the last world cup but broke our hearts at the end without the cup. Whichever way it ended, history is replete with so many glorious comeback stories. This is another opportunity for you to shine and be the star of Africa.  

 Let me emphatically say that the huge amount the nation has spent on you so far because of the world cup can build a full modern hospital stocked with equipment to save the dying souls. Each player’s winning bonuses alone are not a coequal to the sum of 5 graduates’ monthly salary. And oh, another huge amount spent on over 500 supporters just to cheer you up to live up to expectation. The total amount spent on this group too can build a three storey building classroom block for the remotest area in Ghana.

Today, you are starting your opening match. We wish you well and pray for you but I want to stress that, the nation is earnestly waiting on tenterhooks to praise God for a victorious match. All workers on night shift are going to lay down their tools and watch the match. All productive activities as of that time of the night will come to a standstill all because we support you though we are far apart.

If you do not know then let me warn you, the huge taxpayers money spent on you guys must be justified. You know Ghanaians have the sharpest acerbic tongues. If you do not want to be tongue-lashed for messing up and missing opportunities that should have been transformed into jubilations then live up to expectations. It is not time to play with the hearts of Ghanaians when you are paid to win the cup. If you win, Ghanaians forget about the huge taxpayers’ money spent on you but if you clearly mess up, then they will surely remember their sweats and vent their spleen on you.

It is not that Ghana has over 20 million coaches but just that expectations must be met for the stakeholders. It is not time to play Daddy Lumba’s latest song: “yε deε woho bεto wo” or “yεn ntie obiaa”. I think it’s time to listen to the plight of a few people especially the expectations of the taxpayers.

Aha, one more thing to say. I’ll be very glad to hear that most of you will decide to give back to the society a portion of the money you will earn from this world cup. A lot of you have the poor at heart and freely donate to assist mankind. God bless you for that! And to the rest who do not, “sua wo nua”, learn from your friends.

Asamoah Gyan, you are an inspirational captain. Cheer up the boys for our voice to be heard louder. As for the 20 million coaches, I can say I’m part of the unqualified ones but I must warn you because my hard earned salary forms part of the taxpayers’ money spent on the Black Stars.  

Go Black Stars, Go Ghana for the Cup!

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