Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Walking On One Leg to Your Destiny

One day, I visited my village and I wanted to say hi to an old childhood friend before leaving to the city. I was told he has relocated to the next village and I had no option than to walk. After 30 minutes walk, it was all tall trees in a lonely path I could see ahead of me. 

I became very exhausted and running out of energy to carry on until I came across an old amputated man walking on that same footpath with clutches. I greeted and ask to make sure I was on the right track and he responded.

"Yes, you are. I'm also going there to visit my sick friend".

I was amazed and taken aback. I later realized that he has been walking for the past 2 hours and never complaining of the distance.

As I walked past him, thoughts of this old man walking on just one leg filled my mind. I could just imagine the number of hours more he had to walk to the next village and pay a visit to a sick friend. What even got me sadder was how the old man would walk back home on that lonely and quiet footpath and on just one leg. 

Friends, don't get tired walking towards the goal in your life. The path may be very rough, lonely and boring but keep your focus and you will surely get there. If you are getting tired, then remember that someone is walking on just one leg to his destination.. Don't give up so soon. Your glory could just be around you.

May be you have found yourself walking all alone in life. The path may not be the most entertaining type with lots of interesting people on the way but you just have to keep going so far as it leads to the right and desired destiny. It is not a matter of how rocky and lonely the path may be but whether it will lead us there. 

Any time you are to fed and feel like giving up, remember that someone is still walking on just one leg and plying the same root that you are walking with both legs and complaining bitterly. You just have to encourage yourself and move on in life. 

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