Saturday, 10 May 2014


I just want you to closely look at these two pictures for a while. What do you make of these two pictures? It is only true love that can make one do this. I don’t know how deeply rooted your love is to your partner or parents. True love calls for commitment and loyalty. True love is risking your own life just to ensure that those you love are safe. Yes, love is deeper and riskier than you think.

You can see true love connections, loyalty and committed friendship between this saddened dog waiting for its owner by the grave. And oh, how it wishes that the owner will emerge out of the grave for it to wag its tail, jump and embrace the owner and walk home for life to go on.

In the second picture, you can see this man who must at all cost rescue his pets. He might have lost everything through the flood. All his certificates have been carried away by flood; he has lost all his investment documents, the most expensive and flashing things he had were all drowning and being destroyed by the water but he decided to save his pets. He knew how valuable the pets were to him than all others. 

How ready are we to risk our own lives and save the lives of the millions who are perishing and registering their names earmarked for hell? You are not in love if you have not  risked your life to do something that will cost you just to ensure that others are safe. Many of the times, we are always thinking about what we can do to better our lives and that of our close family members and not the lives of our friends and the church members whom we shepherd. Love is deeper than you think, my brothers and sisters

It is cheaper to say “I love you”, deeper to live with the one you love and better to live for another.When we live for others, we cannot remain selfish again. When we live for ourselves, we don’t really care deep down within us what happens to the other person.

Love is deeper than you think! You are not in love if you are not ready to risk your life and save situations and the life of the very ones we claim to love. It is an illusion and a fallacy to believe that love is a feeling you feel when you feel that you are feeling a feeling you have never felt before. 

Would you have risked your life like the saddened dog and or this rescuer who must at all cost save his pets? We have a lot to do! Love is deeper than you can ever think. Those who are not ready to die for something just live and settle for anything. Man, love is deeper and riskier than you think. 

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