Thursday, 15 May 2014


Chieftaincy and royalty in Ghana and in some part of the world are normally characterized with idolatry, animal sacrifice and clinging to traditions and ancestral practices which are in sharp contrast to true worship stipulated in the Bible. However, the third Kohinta Healing and Revival Prayers at Pentecost Convention Centre saw chiefs and queens, whom, instead of being worshipped by their subjects, rather came before God in humility to worship the King of Kings and to pray.

The Royals, clad in exquisite and colourful royal regalia, fully participated in the 5–Day revival prayers. They poured their hearts on the altar for divine directions in the year 2014. It was an awesome experience full of verve and vitality as the royals took turns to dance, praise and sing accolades to the King of Kings.

The hand of the Lord was mightily at work at the Centre during the revival prayers. This has undoubtedly yielded many astounding miracles of which the royals were not exempted. Nana Afua Badu II, the queen mother of Kissi, Komenda experienced excruciating pains for one year after her leg twisted. She received instant healing during the prayer time as she jubilantly testified to give glory to God. She accepted Jesus as her Lord and personal Saviour and was baptized by immersion. 

In a similar experience, Nana Owuakyireama, the queen mother of Busia Traditional Area in the Western Region shared her testimony with the congregants. She suffered from high blood pressure, heaviness and numbness in one part of her body for over a year. She received instant healing during the prayer time. She was declared medically fit after the Kohinta Revival Prayers.

The Royals were Nana Kofi Abuna V (Chief of Essipon), Nana Kwahin V, Nana Afua Badu II, Nana Owuakyireama, Nana Akomah Afrah I, Nana Dasiwah II and Nana Kwasi Asante. The Centre Manager, Rev. Samuel Edzii Davidson said a special prayer for the royals.

The revival prayers were attended by over 1,500 people from different churches and nations.

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