Friday, 18 April 2014


As I hustled and bustled through town yesterday and eagerly combing through Accra and Circle to find where to find a laptop battery, I finally landed in one shop. After I was satisfied and ready to pay for the battery, I demanded for a receipt in the name of my company. 

"How much do you want me to write on the receipt?" the seller asked me. 

"The price at which I bought it!" I answered thinking he had forgotten the amount I bought the battery. 

"This is between you and the company", he answered. "Many people have been doing it. I write any amount they want on the receipt and they claim the difference. It's simple!" he answered thinking that he had convinced me to steal my company's money. 

"I insist you write the amount at which I bought it!" I firmly told him. "I cannot steal to better my life and as a matter of fact, doing this and assisting people to steal is a sin". 

The young man looked at me with a saddened face and asked: "Are you a pastor?"

"I do not need to be a pastor before I do the right thing", I answered. "Stealing is a sin and we all know it whether you are a man of God or not". 

At times, the devil could pull a fast one on you to push you to the wall to steal and commit sin. This young man suggested this sinful ideas to me at the time I needed money seriously but I rejected the whole idea. To the glory of God, I got what I wanted but not through stealing. 

Many people are presenting huge bills, budget and the likes and claiming monies which are never used for the intended purpose. Contractors and politicians are not left out in this case. Almost everyone could easily be swept away by this evil. 

My second surprise for the day came when I saw a woman sitting under a tree. The tree serves as her office where she put an old typewriter and waited for passers-by to bring her secretarial jobs. I was amazed. In this 21st Century, people are still clinging to the old ways of doing things which hardly bring any income for the whole day. 

Change is the only thing that is constant. She refused to accept the change from using typewriters to the use of modern computers and laptops. She refused to update her skills, knowledge and the technical know-how on how to upgrade herself. 

The world would pass by you and leave you behind if you resist positive change to better your own life. Continually read books for updates, attend seminars and workshops, conferences and other meetings to enhance yourself. 

Finally, resist the evil acts. Never steal or do any evil for eternity would judge us all. Be proactive and upgrade your skills. If you stop learning to improve your knowledge and skills, then you shall be kicked out of life. 

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