Thursday, 17 April 2014


As the alarm clock slowly ticked and struck at 5:00am, Johnny grudgingly flicked his eyes open. The alarm continued with its deafening wakeup call but his wife, Angie who set the alarm, was dead asleep and could not hear the sound.

Johnny realized that the previous day’s hectic task had taken a negative toll on his wife. He stopped the alarm and slipped out of bed and made sure he would not disturb her sleep. He quickly dashed off to his twin baby girls’ room and woke them up to prepare for school.
Johnny singlehandedly did all the routine early morning house chores for his wife. Within one and half hours, all was set and done as he put finishing touches to the kids’ preparation for school.  

Angie only woke up when the twins came to kiss their mother as a ritual she used to do to them before they go to school. As she woke up, her heart thumped heavily as if to come out when she realized that the time was 6:30am.

Johnny came back to the bedroom with an infectious smile.

“Here you are. Breakfast is ready! I’ve already taken care of the kids”, he said. “As you can see, they are ready for school and they have taken their breakfast already. Don’t worry because you woke up late for work. I’ve already called Charles, your boss who is my childhood friend and told him that you aren't going to work today because you are physically indisposed.

“The good news is that he has no objection to my request”, he added and winked at his beautiful empress.

“Huh! You did what?” she exclaimed.

“Shhhh!” he whispered to Angie. “As a matter of fact, you can’t be in the house all alone. That will be very boring so I've called my Administrator and Personal Assistant to take charge in the office. That’s the more reason why I employed them. I’ve cancelled and rescheduled all meetings for the day. 

“And lest I forget, you aren't picking the kids from school today during closing. I’ve also called my younger sister to pick up the twins at exactly 3:00pm. That’s to say that I’m taking you out to a very serene environment today for you to relax, enjoy and have your system rejuvenated”.

“You don’t mean it”, she said amidst smiles as she sat upright on the bed.
“Trust me”, Johnny said as he signaled the twins to start moving towards the car. “You can always count on me for a life time surprise. Anyway, I’ve to take the kids to school now; they are getting late. Have breakfast and get ready for me. We are going to a far place as soon as I return”.

Angie could not believe her early morning surprise. She fixed her eyes on her husband as he threw his hands around the shoulders of the twins and led them to the car. Suddenly, Johnny returned to his wife and remained speechless. He fixed his gaze on Angie without uttering a word. 

“You forgot something very important?” she asked.
“Sure!” he replied. “I forgot to tell you that I’ll forever love you till my last breathe” he said and gave his wife a long warm hug and finally joined the kids.

Angie was really amazed and kept on thinking about what had transpired and what surprises awaited her as Johnny was taking the kids to school and return home. She knew that Johnny was the type of man who never tolerated undue delay so she quickly took her breakfast and prepared for his coming.

After an hour, Angie had finished her preparations and looking resplendently dressed. She waited impatiently for her husband but he was not showing any sign of return so she called his phone. It was answered by a stranger.

“Please the owner of this phone had accident this morning”, a strange voice answered. “All the people in the two cars involved in the accident died instantly and are rushed to the New Hope Hospital”, the stranger said. 

Angie could not believe her ears. She scurried out and straight to the hospital and what greeted her eyes were badly wounded remains of her beloved husband. Johnny had a head on collision with a drunken driver when he was returning home. Angie collapsed at once and only recovered the following day.
1.  There are so many simple things you can do to put a smile on your partner’s face. Don’t hesitate to do them because you can also go too soon.
2.   Let’s all live and walk in love because we can die at any time.
3.   One of the best legacies we call live our partners and children is a strong true love.
4. If you can die at any time then we have to live our life to meet the unexpected because judgement awaits all of us.

“Gone too soon” was written on Johnny’s posters to announce his death. We can also go too soon so let’s show love to another.

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