Thursday, 20 March 2014


Hey! God is Watching You!
 It is very funny how we at times deliberately sin secretly at the blind side of people and may feel okay that no man has seen us commit such hideous and sacrilegious sins. Oooh! So you thought you were smarter enough to have concealed your nefarious activities, huh? Ahaa! You feared what man could do to you if you were caught; the insults, humiliations and the tarnishing of your image, right? But you were never afraid of what the Almighty who sees all things could do to you? And oh, you may face the full rigors of the laws of the state without escaping its paws when the law grips you.

It’s very funny how the devil brainwashes and fools us to sin against God. Man! You have done well to conceal your secret sins from everyone but I tell you, God is watching everything we do. Yes, His eyes are like a recorder, recording and taking account of every single act whether secret or open. The day of accountability and reckoning will soon come.

Hey! God is Watching You!
The Bible said God knows even our secret thoughts. His eyes are scanning and patrolling the entire world capturing everything that manmade satellites and CCTV’s cannot capture.

Give your thoughts a second thought. If the former cannot reconcile with the latter then you might have misguided your thoughts to commit near brutality. 

Let he who is stealing steal no more but must work with his own hands and have abundance to give to even the poor in the society. Let the murderer stop the killing; all guns down and surrounded. Let the prostitutes understand that there is a prosecution soon to come on judgment day. And oh, our politicians please enough of the professional lies. You have trained and trimmed your tongue to tell lies and throw dust into our eyes but you forget that there is a greater God who sees clearer and better even in dust.

Hey, God is watching you! God is watching you!

Tell the Pastor that only picks his Bible to preach at the market square when his pocket is empty and is really hungry that God is watching him. Tell those speaking for God and deceiving a lot more when in reality, God has never spoken to them that God is watching.
Tell the youth and the singles who are not married but live their lives like married couples that God is watching you destroy His temple, your body with sexual immoralities.

Tell those who see God as not creative and sensitive enough to have given them the opposite sexual organ and for that matter change it through surgery that God is really watching. If only you knew the fabrics he used to create you and you distastefully prove to Him that you don’t like the fabric and the way He created you so you want to change your skin colour and the likes, then go on. God is really watching!

Did I hear someone shouting and talking about human rights? Hmmmm! You have the right to do whatever that will please you but your rights must make you a responsible person to God and not breaking rules.

Brother, God is watching you!
Sister, your lifetime CD’s are ready to be played to you on judgment day. But you can play them now yourself and analyse your life.

Beloved, God is watching all we do! “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” says 1 John 1:9. Make that decision NOW! Repent and be saved!

Remember: Forgive me, I’m Sorry and Give me a second chance will not be accepted on judgement day but NOWGod bless you for reading…

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