Wednesday, 19 March 2014


The voice we choose to hear in the early morning is very important and can make or mar our day. To some people, they want to hear that special voice that tingles something on the inside of them before they sleep and first thing when they wake up. We wake up with new energy to work to achieve our goals or wake up with the pains of the past dissipating our energies. Whether your day will be ruined or not depends on some key elements that play a great role in your life.  

Over the years, the airwaves are normally littered with bad news. Yes, it's bad news everywhere! One journalist and a news producer once said that it's the bad news that sell the newspapers. "Bad news that will arouse people's interest and cause them to purchase the newspapers and listen to radio and TV programs are what we look out for", the journalist admitted. 

Each day, we wake up to listen to news and many a time, forgetting to read our Bibles and pray to God. It is important to read your Bible and hear the voice of God for the day, howbeit, we rather choose to listen to news. Worst of all, most of the news are normally laced with political insults. Insults and deceptions that may aggravate our conditions in life. This may also lead to unnecessary and unproductive arguments. 

Whose voice do you hear each morning? Is it the radio or your God? One of the dangerous ways to condition your mind and spirit for the day is listening to trashes, lies, insults, deceptive messages and the likes. You must rather create an atmosphere of intense worship or a hot praise whilst driving to work or preparing for the day. The word of God gives hope, happiness, inner joy, clear sense of direction, purpose, correction and a catalyst to propel you to achieve the impossible. 

One of the worst things we do not know about always tuning our radio to listen to the bad news first thing in the morning is the way our subconscious mind processes the information. As you go throughout the day, your subconscious mind will be processing the news you heard or read and may affect your actions and reactions for the day. It is good to listen to news but make sure the voice you hear in the morning will be the voice of God.  

If what you hear does not inspire you, then you are expiring gradually. If what you hear does not encourage you, then you are discouraged in life. If what you hear in the early morning is political lies, deception, insults and all the ugly stuff on the airwaves, then you can be assured of keeping so many trashes in your mind, heart and life. 

The choice is your! Choose to hear the voice of God first before all those bad news, political lies, deceptions and gimmicks. 

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