Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Ladies, Close Your Legs! No Sex!
God in His own wisdom specially created women to be very beautiful, adorable and loving. His purpose for creating women and giving them a wonderful body is far from what we see today. Apparently, many are passionately following the dictates of the world, fashion and all manner of mundane things that serve as a trap to womanhood but ironically, many embrace that which is killing them. Gradually, a woman’s body is seen as an object of sexual pleasure. Sex can either be pleasure to the body or poison to the soul. Many lives are curtailed and destroyed; destinies are being swapped while others are rewarded with many untold sicknesses, yet the mad craving and longing to get sex illegally is unbelievable.

Yes, you have a wonderful curvaceous body, a beautiful face and flaunting perfect legs. He said you are sexy, gorgeous and all the sweet words you can ever hear on earth. He said he loves you and that does not mean he wants to have sex with you. If sex is the new definition of love then I wonder what the prostitutes are into. Opening your legs to guys to have sex with you when you are not legally married to them is not expression of love but cheapening yourself. My dear ladies, you are worth more than mere words of love, dirty money and some few bottles of drink to cause you to open your legs. 

Did I hear someone talking about respecting your human rights, choices and preferences in life? I do respect these but your rights, choices and preferences in life must not jeopardize your life and your future. Sex seems to have become a cheaper commodity on the market, making arrant mockery of our values and misconstruing the true meaning and essence of love. It is amazing to know that you cannot single out the married, the singles and teenagers from this promiscuous act. Nowadays, the situation is more shameful when women skimpily dress in a sexually provoking manner and parade our streets. More often than not, there are always more than enough of the vital or private parts in the full glare of everyone that sees them. 

While many raise higher the flag of morality and purity to bring sanity to mankind and peaceful relationship with our Maker, others raise ugly eyebrows and cry foul in the name of human rights for the evils in the society to continue. Of late many of the youth and adults, who should work harder, establish themselves and marry a well groomed lady, do not see the essence because sex seems to have become a cheaper commodity on the market.

My beautiful and wonderful ladies, read this before you open your sleek and attractive legs to any man.
Ladies, the safest way to have sex is not to wear all sorts of condoms and use contraceptives. Condoms and contraceptives are not 100% secured and this means your life is left to chance. The safest way to protect yourself and your life when having sex is to have a wedding ring on. Let a man marry you before having sex with you. Wearing the wedding ring means he is ready to be responsible for any outcome.

Today, many women are suffering and leaving in hopeless situations because they gave in too cheaply when they should have exercised patience. Many a time, some of the irresponsible men that impregnate some women vanish into thin air leaving them to face humiliation and financial difficulties. This has led to the increase in the number of innocent and homeless children that parade our streets; wallow in abject poverty and many hair-raising criminal activities all because the zips of some men are too weak to the extent that they open automatically any time they see a woman.

Remember, any time you open your legs; you are liable to contract any deadly disease, suffer the agony of keeping unwanted pregnancy, sinning against God and your body. The Bible says your body is the temple of God and If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple”, (1 Cor 3:17). The immoral pleasures of today can turn into pressures far from remedies on you tomorrow. You won’t die if you close legs! 

Maintain your pride and dignity by closing your legs. 

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