Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Bob did this Just to make his ailing wife smile
At times, the little things we do for someone can put a great smile on their faces despite the bigger and worst teething problems that have become chronic and crippling their daily life improvements. 

I chanced on this picture of Bob who began travelling around the world, taking beautiful but totally ridiculous photographs of himself in a pink tutu to make his wife laugh during chemo. His wife, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer which took a negative toll on her. 

In my sober reflections, I noticed 4 things about Bob worth sharing with you. 

1.     Travelling around the world could be that costly and weigh down his budget but he did all this out of love just to put a smile on the face of his ailing wife. If all husbands and wives could do a little more, go the extra mile at their own expense in a bid to put a mile on the faces of ailing people, then the world will be heaven for us. 

2.     He put his life at risk: Love is of no value if you cannot risk your life to make other people happy and smile. Traveling around the world with different immigration systems, laws, terrible conditions, bad weather and all the unthinkable in other countries could be that scaring and life threatening. He simply had to do this out of love to put a smile on the face of his ailing wife.

3.     Love goes beyond terrible situations: The true state of a man’s heart is known in terrible conditions whether their “I love you” is really I love you. Many married men and women have rejected their spouses because they are physically indisposed and are now confined to the chair or bedridden. They go hanging around other people, messing up and cheating on their sick spouses. If he or she stays during the worst times in your life, then he or she will stay and love you forever.

4.     He offered an expensive sacrifice: The line of action Bob chose to put a smile on the face of his ailing wife was not expensive but demanding much sacrifice and time. He has to shirk his responsibility, work schedules and other equally important meetings just to put a smile on someone’s face. You may not have the means to do as Bob but there is something you can do to bring life to a dying soul.

Let’s live for others and not ourselves! There is much fulfillment in making someone happier than amusing yourself.

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