Thursday, 27 February 2014


Why should women discard their beautiful natural hair and rush in for dead people’s hair popularly called wigs? What will most women look like without the influx of synthetic or 100% human hair? Will men still see their wives and ladies very cute and sexy if they had met them with their natural hairs? Why are women craving for these synthetic or 100% human hairs to augment their looks?

Over the years, wigs have steadily crept in and flooded the world market in different colours, quality, length and prices. Its original intended purpose was to assist cancerous women and others who lose their hair to have an aesthetic appeal. A well fixed wig makes a woman look gorgeous and may attract all the compliments in the world. The question is do women really know the sources of the beautiful 100% human hairs they wear? It is disgusting to know that most of the wigs women wear and pride themselves in were shaved off from innocent corpses who may never know the use of their beautiful long hair after their demise.

In India and other places, many women offer their long hairs to their gods for different ritual purposes. This ritual process is intended to exonerate the people from their sins and bring divine protection and blessings. Surprisingly, some women willingly cut their beautiful natural hairs and sell them out for a fee. On what grounds do companies collect all these hairs and process them into wigs? Won’t the spirits of the actual gods the hairs have been sacrificed to live in these hairs and further possess women despite the fact that it has been processed?
Women, how do you feel when you receive all the compliments and praises for looking gorgeous when you wear a dead person’s hair? This is robbing the dead of their glory to beautify women of today. Of what use is furnishing and cladding yourself in the glories of a dead person? What will you do one midnight if a spirit cries in your room, pleading with you to return the hair? Women, it is likely that you are wearing a dead person’s hair if you are wearing a wig.

Notwithstanding this, many women have turned a blind eye to the hazards wigs pose to their health. Wearing tight weaves and particularly lace-front wigs consistently without taking the best care can lead to the break and loss of hair follicles along the hairline and the crown of the head. Women, who wear tight weaves undoubtedly, suffer a hair loss disease known as “traction alopecia”.  This kind of hair loss is primarily caused by pulling force being applied to the hair. This commonly results from the sufferer frequently wearing his/her hair in a particularly tight ponytail, pigtails, or braids.  This is the downside of getting those perfect bangs to cover that big forehead and the uncomfortable parts of your hairs. 

It is time to wake up and shirk the craving for those natural and artificial hairs. All women must love their natural hair. God in His own wisdom fashioned everyone with unique qualities. To love your natural hair is to admire and appreciate what God has given you. It is time we started working on our inner beauty and stop decorating ourselves with the leftover hairs of dead people. Aristotle once said: Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference. There can never be any beauty than the one the creator has given you.

Remember that to wear wigs is a clear indication that the past glories of the dead are better than the glories of the living. Appreciate your glory-your hair  because you are special and unique. 

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