Friday, 21 February 2014


As i sat down at Pentecost Hospital yesterday in Madina, Accra and patiently waiting for my lab results, my sharp ears caught the conversations of some patients who were also in the queue. 

"Today, 20th February is exactly a year that that terrible incident happened", the young man commenced to narrate his story. "The day commenced with a nagging headache, disappointing business news and finally was the sudden demise of my mother in the same hospital that I am today. It was as if eternity and time have glued and stapled those ugly memories on my mind and never ready to erase them". 

The emotionally stricken conversation of the young man pierced my ears and shot down my mind. This has crippled my thoughts, forcing me to abruptly end the motivational book i was reading.

The young man could not let go the pains of the past though it’s not easy. His day was totally ruined because the hurting memories have completely overshadowed his mind and emotions and were far eating the better part of him.

In my sober reflections, i realized that you may pass through a breathtaking and a disheartening situation that may take a negative toll on your life. This ugly past life and events will normally register in your subconscious mind and will always resurface and raise its ugly head the following year on the exact date it first happened.
Burn Your Past Before it Burns You
You may not have control over some situations but you can always have control over how it affects you. The young man was totally sad, looking moody and had his day disorganized. 

May be you are experiencing similar things in life! You can let go the excruciating pains in your heart that normally resurfaces again in that particular month of the year. It could be heartbreak, a breakup, sickness, disappointments, loss of partner or anything that might have hit you harder in life. You can overcome it by doing these:

1.     Face the problem and never ran away from: Deal with it before it pushes you on the downside of life.

2.     Accept that you cannot change the past: No matter the days you worry or the amount of tears you shed, you cannot simply change the past so push those hurting memories from the present into the past.

3.     Forgive yourself and others: At times, some people find it very difficult to forgive themselves and others who might have badly wronged them. Unforgiveness, anger and bitterness are like drinking a deadly poison and expecting another person to die. Forgiveness precedes letting go. Please let it go and you will be healed and free.

4.     Release the pains: Let go off the pains. It is normal to cry and talk to people about your problems. A problem shared with the right person could probably bring a better solution. After the tears, wipe your face and smile for greater are the days ahead than the days gone. Have hope in Jesus Christ for He is the solid rock upon which we stand.

5.     Remove the past from destroying the beauty of the future: The fact that one lady or gentleman disappointed you does not mean all ladies and men are the same. There is a better relationship leading to marriage waiting you if you give yourself the chance to love and be loved again. There are better job opportunities awaiting you if you keep on trying. Never pin the hurts of the past into the future. You block your chances of a happier and a better life if you do this.

6.     Create a positive future for yourself: One of the best ways to heal yourself is to do something that would cover the pains, disgrace and the woes of the past. Never let what happen in the past destroy the beautiful life ahead. Sit down to make amends, take plans that will make life meaningful than the previous situation that created the mess.

7.     Connect yourself to God: Only God can truly heal your heart, comfort your soul and compensate you. James 5:13 says if there is anyone in trouble, then let him pray. Prayer is offered to God is offered to God but not friends. The faster you connect yourself to God, the better and faster the healing process.

Stay blessed as you make conscious efforts to let go the pain.