Friday, 21 February 2014


In my first article, I started writing about the two major causes of arguments in relationships. The first cause is difference in the values of the partners. Your values will determine what you will prioritize, respect and spend your time on.

The next cause of argument is Unmet Expectations. Expectations are the things we look forward to achieve in future. Many singles fantasy relationships and marriage with great expectations full of laughter, true warmth and companionship and the most sizzling romance ever on the surface of the earth. Surprisingly, many of such expectations are rolled away and they are greeted with disappointments and regrets. 

And to those who are married, it is important to note the different stages that marriages go through. Usually, the beginning is full of passion where intimacy and romance become rampant. The next stage is the realization stage where realities stare you in the face instead of your fantasies and expectations. The difference between your expectations and the realities in your marriage could trigger serious arguments.

People jump into relationships and marriages with expectations and when realities set in; their jaws drop in dismay and begin to wonder. In-between expectations and reality emanate arguments.

In many cases, some partners place so many unnecessary expectations on the other thinking in a particular pattern that he/she might have read, watched in the movies and or heard people whispered into the ears. Man, we are different people with different values altogether.

If the most sizzling love series on TV and the romantic movies can really do us good then, the actors wouldn't have been suffering from cheating, divorce cases and the likes. Misunderstanding rules where argument lives.

Let’s try to appreciate each other’s values and respect them without reservation. 

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