Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Words: sharper and powerful than knives
Your money may not take you to the whole world; your feet may not carry you there, your education could be worst but your words of encouragement and the gospel through the social media can go to the remotest part of the world to cause a change you cannot comprehend.  

You may not have a travelling VISA; you may not even know any embassy, you may not have even travelled beyond the boarders of your country before but your words through the social media go beyond boarders of countries to reach the world. 

It can take you countless years to meet someone in life. In fact, you may not even meet the person at all though you may earnestly desire to meet that special person for business, partnership, friendship and all the best that you may desire in life. By just a single click and voila, you are connected. 

Why not choose your words carefully because you might never know who is reading your write-ups? Your choice of words are your social CV. People will judge, value and respect or reject you based on how you carry yourself on the social media. 

Wars start in some countries because of the misuse of words on the social media. Marriages are ending on the rocks because some statements of partners on the social media make them smell the rats of cheating. 

If there is anything you can do with words, then encourage, motivate, speak positively, impact someone's life, give someone a reason to smile. Let someone's smiles and action through your words change the world for the better but not bitter. 

Remember, if you cannot say anything good, then don't say anything at all because your words have the power to hurt or heal, kill and separate or to unite.