Tuesday, 25 February 2014


It was a wonderful Friday. Dave walked to the office in high spirit with a broad and an infectious smile that signaled good news and lingered long on his face. His colleagues noticed the sharp change in his attitude and started poking their noses into his life to pester him to let out the secret of his happiness. 

"My Pretty Empress has finally accepted my proposal", he revealed. "She is coming to visit me tomorrow and I can't wait to receive her. Tomorrow seems like a whole month for me", Dave added as his friends cheered him up and wished him well in love.

“My lady is coming! I have to leave now and pass by the mall to do some shopping”, he said to his friends as he started the ignition of his car and drove off the scene. The D-day finally came and it was a somewhat story. Her visit was without much happiness and a bit boring.

“So is that all?” the lady asked Dave. “You called several times wanting to see me but nothing was discussed; just a little laughter and a little achieved”, she said as she was leaving. The smile on Dave’s face disappeared at once.
In his sober reflections, he realized that he did not plan and prepare enough to make the visit a memorable one. 

Today, we are all like Dave and the beautiful lady is the YEAR 2015. We are all expecting the year 2015 with much happiness and expectation. It is not enough to meet it. Those who plan now can make the most out of it with testimonies and achievements. If you do some lazy thinking and planning like Dave, you will be disappointed. The lady (YEAR 2015) will leave you and the little smiles on your face will disappear at once.

The journey through the year 2015 began long ago. We don't learn that much during exams time. We learn to await examinations. This presupposes that planning for the year 2015 should have been done in the previous year. With a clear cut direction, you are not likely to be confused and wasting time. He who has received a direct vision from God should focus on the instructions to the destination and not the distractions of men. 

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