Monday, 2 February 2015


No Condition is Permanent, God is in Control. Today you are jobless, struggling to get a good job but to no avail. You really struggled to go through difficult educational systems and hoping to land on a good job to pay you off but got none. You are cash trapped; finding it difficult to even get the money to search for better jobs. While your friends are working and getting established in life, you are in the house just praying, hoping and waiting to land on a good job appointment. You seem to be alone because you are broke; friends seem distant from you, your girl or guy doesn’t seem to respect you again. And it seems you are simply out of balance. Don’t worry too much because no condition is permanent, God is in control.

You are single, praying and searching for a good marriage partner. You may be very beautiful, handsome, rich and have all it takes to have a good partner to settle with but life has turned upside down for. You have really spent money and time on your partner hoping you get married soon but it all went the wrong direction. You spent much of your income on your partner’s education, business and general wellbeing only for the person to be a partner for another person. Hmmm! You may have suffered from terrible relationships in your quest to get a good partner to settle with only to get fake people in your life, cheats, opportunist and whatever but do not worry too much. No condition is permanent, God is in control.

After all the painful moments of leaving in singlehood, you finally got married. Tears of joy flowed in your eyes and your heart leaped for joy. With great expectation, you entered marriage but what a shock! The much anticipated marital bliss now turns into marital bruise, emotional scars, midnight tears and nightmares. And you wonder and ask, “Why did I get married?” What went wrong? Do not think too much to lose your head and miss your heart when God is still ready to listen to your prayers and remedy the situation. Remember, No Condition is permanent, God is in control.

You wanted a great future so you deprived yourself of good meals, clothing and a decent apartment. You worked very hard from dawn to dusk to be rich so that your future won’t be as terrible as the current situation you are in. And now that you are rich, built your own house, married someone your heart yearns for and want to enjoy now; your doctor comes in warning you of your diet saying: “If only you want to live long then don’t eat this, don’t eat that”. Sicknesses are now taking a negative toll on you because you deprived your body the necessary food it needed all because you wanted to save money and have a good bank account in future. Oh yes, you really saved and invested money and had good returns but you are now forced to use them to buy expensive drugs in order to survive. Oh what a world that we live in?

What at all is this life about? Life only gets better if we apply wisdom and live by the dictates of God. We can hustle and bustle each day, work under tedious and arduous conditions but without the hand of the Lord, the money will come but you may not even enjoy one. You may build the house, but you may be forced to sell it and use the money to defray huge debt. One can save a lot for many years to buy his dream car but sadly, he gets accident within few weeks after buying the car and dies.

Do not worry about some issues in life. No condition is permanent, God is still in control. Do not fret because today your condition seems terrible. The man who uses dubious means to acquire wealth will have to use arduous means to maintain and survive tomorrow.

This is a true saying that: No condition is permanent. Yes, no condition is permanent, God is still in control. While some people are experiencing rains to make their crops flourish, another man is experiencing serious drought where his animals and crops are dying. Newly planted crops are perishing because there is no rain for them to grow. The farmer knows that no condition is permanent. Just stay calm. Know that God is still at work. He works with time. In His time, He makes all things beautiful. If it’s not your time, what is beautiful to many people will not be beautiful but a beast to you.

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