Tuesday, 27 January 2015


 God is still at work but many a time, it seems like He is still the God who only worked in the time of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob throughout to the time of Jesus Christ and His workings seem to be diminishing. God is still at work. You can also read the full story at www.thecophq.org
All it takes is to first believe in Him and that opens the door for one to experience the supernatural. Read the story of little Francisca who experienced the power of God at work in her life.  
Three-year old Francisca Klenam Oforiwaa Yeboah has been miraculously healed of hole-in-heart disease at the National Cardiothoracic Center of the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. The patient, who is the daughter of Overseer & Mrs. Amewondey of the Twifo Agona district, was admitted at the Korle-bu Cardio Center where she was first diagnosed of the disease, and had been receiving treatment and monthly review session at the hospital since August last year.

According to her parents, Francisca was initially taken to the Pentecost Hospital following earlier signs of fatigue and shortness of breath, but was however referred to the Korle-bu Cardio Centre, where she underwent Eco tests to confirm the initial diagnosis. Ovr. Amewondey explained that after several monthly reviews of the situation, doctors proposed that the only way to avert Francisca’s health condition was to conduct a surgical operation which would intend close the hole created in her heart.
On the morning of the proposed date for the surgical operation to correct Francisca’s congenital heart defect, which was the 16th of December, 2014, the Twifo Agona District Pastor and his wife received the shock of their lives, when their ailing daughter woke up singing a Christian song. He recounted “to our surprise she woke up singing ‘My God who began it, he will accomplish it'. She was due for her surgery at 7:30am and we were asked to say our final prayer for her before she leaves for the theatre room.” “After that, the doctors conducted their final examination, and told us to wait for the final results of the state of our daughter before subsequent steps are taken” he said.
However, after several hours of waiting, the couple became extremely anxious and inquired about the results of the examination from a nurse in the Hospital “She told us, there is something unusual about the results and the doctors are trying to confirm it, so we had to wait for three more hours. Then again Francisca began singing another Christian song "Asempapa bi a mate”........ “Shortly after, one of the doctors who was part of the team to conduct the surgery came in and informed us that the surgery had been called off because the hole in Francisca’s heart is closing by itself” he said. Francisca Klenam Oforiwaa Yeboah has now been completely healed of her disease. Truly, our God is a miracle-working God, and He has done it once again. May His name be praised!
Below is the beautiful picture of Little Francisca