Tuesday, 13 January 2015


“If your heart is not in tune with your mind, your spirit will never be able to carry out its purpose due to the lack of togetherness taking place inside you”, says Arch Bishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. 

It is good to have great visions and big dreams. And of course everyone can have a dream for life and for the future but without inner unity and peace, you will achieve little.

There are times that people think of so many wow ideas in their mind but deep down within, their heart is saying “I cannot accommodate this idea. It is impossible”.

Just as you cannot get to your destination if the engine of your car refuses to work so it is with your heart. Your heart is the engine of the body while your mind is like the steering wheel that gives direction. Turning the steering wheel to the direction you want is useless without an engine to power your ideas into action.

Any time you conceive any good idea but lack the passion to do so, and it’s being surrounded by so many uncertainties then know that there are divisions within you.

I pray that your spirit, mind, body and heart will be united so you may be able to fulfill your assignment to the best of your God given ability! This is a TOP SECRETt you should know.

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