Saturday, 10 January 2015


10 years ago, I carefully and neatly ironed my very best shirt, said a special prayer and dashed off the house with two application letters in my file. I was very confident of getting a teaching appointment with the two schools I had targeted. 

As i neared the Headmaster’s office of the first school I visited, there stood this fat average height man at the main entrance. The first striking feature about him was his unusual shining baldhead that could easily tell which direction the sun rose that early morning. With an unfriendly and husky voice, he asked of my mission and I generously parroted my carefully rehearsed answers to impress him but it was all a fruitless effort.

“Have you taught before?” he asked after clearing his throat of which i answered in the negative. “No! I don’t want inexperienced teachers in my school”, he said almost yelling at me. The story in the second school was not different from the first, only that i was given a little respect, perhaps because I wore my very best. I went home disappointed but never gave up.  

3 years later, the second headmaster came to where I was working as Assistant Headmaster to look for a job. And now 10 years later, he sat under my ministration twice as a Resource Person (Motivational Speaker) and a Preacher. So you see? Time is very powerful. Today you are somebody but tomorrow, you may be nobody; today as employer but tomorrow as employee.

Friends, let them look down on you today as inexperienced, useless, unqualified and a riff-raff. Let them malign and insult you. Let them doubt your abilities as a person with a value. It is just a matter of time for personal development. Educate and train yourself and at the right time, your usefulness will be seen by a lot of people and confirmed by the very people who rejected you. 

It is just a matter of time.

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