Wednesday, 24 September 2014


At exactly 12:30am today, my eyes flickered opened from a terrible dream where the world has come to an end and Christians were being judged in a very big auditorium.

There were a lot of surprises! Some people who were confident of going to heaven later realized that they were only exercising spiritual activities but didn't feared God to obey Him so they went to hell...
I saw a lot of known and unknown people both dead and alive. To my uttermost dismay, many known Christians missed it all to heaven. Their works disqualified them. Many of these people are rather praised on earth as holy and true disciples of God. Hypocrisy will send millions of people to hell. You can't deceive God!

Though I woke up and realized it was all a dream, it has become too real to forget hence posting this writeup as a warning signal to all and sundry.

Please, heaven and hell are real. Judgment of the saints is also real. 1 Peter 4:17 says that judgment of the saints will begin from the house of God, hence the dream I had and we were being judged in the biggest auditorium I've ever seen.

This dream is real! 
It's time to repent! 
It's time to stop the double lives! 
It's time to stop pleasing men and displeasing God

Please share with others! Jesus is coming soon to judge the dead and the living. Share to save someone's life.

Ernest Kojo Akorli
Contact: +233249310230 / +233276812505
24th Sept., 2014