Wednesday, 20 August 2014


It is very pathetic to know that in our generation, many homes in Africa do not have electricity especially in the rural and remotest villages. Children born to parents in these areas would have to really struggle in pursuance of education.  
What makes it worse is the unbearable night life. In the above picture, children without electricity at home would have to depend on the street lights or the moon for illumination before they could study in the night. Unfortunately, these ill-fated children would have to compete and write the same exams with those who have all the social amenities in life. 

Undoubtedly, many of such children end up with terrible results that could not fetch them the opportunity to further their education. The result thereof is a chain problem emanating from the difficulties encountered in life. 

This could be likened to living your life without a goal or vision. Electricity gives light and thus knowledge. Without electricity, one has to live in utter darkness. Such is life without clear-cut direction and vision. You need illuminations, the light to direct your life which is vision and your goals.