Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Little Efforts Count in your quest to reach the limelight. Even when God decided to rain free manna for the Israelites to eat, He did not drop them in their kitchen, fridges and bedrooms. God expected them to make at least some little efforts to walk out of the comfort of their bedrooms to pick the manna for themselves. Efforts are very important in your quest to achieve greatness and be successful. Laziness is like a cancer; it will eat up your potentials and finally destroy you in abject poverty.

Most of the times, little efforts are all it takes to land you on track to get things done. The whole world is littered with many opportunities but a lot of people only see problems and complain without knowing that opportunities are embedded in the problems. Little Efforts Count a lot.

Challenge yourself and get up from bed, get out there and pick up your manna of opportunities before it runs out of stock. Excuse is the younger brother of Laziness; they never make any fortune for anyone but rather mar it. If only you want to be an achiever then breakout from your comfort zone today and eschew both laziness and excuses. Your little efforts count.

Little efforts count a lot in our daily activities. Get up now and do the following:
     a.      Plan your day and be guided on what to do.
     b.      Avoid anything that steals your time.
     c.      Try to avoid lateness
     d.      Attempt that idea you have been thinking about for long
     e.     Try to do the same old things in different ways and the results will amaze you
     f.       Team up with people where your little efforts count but are not enough

O yes, little efforts count. Remember, your vision is like a big elephant. It takes just one person to kill it and at least 50 men to carry it home. It takes one person to conceive a good business idea but you may need a lot of people to realize it but start small.

Little efforts count.