Tuesday, 21 April 2015


It was in the year 2006, when my pet career, writing had fully taken off and in wild goose chase for more challenging stuffs for exploits. My passion led me to flirt with acting a movie just to see how a movie script is written. 

And it was time for audition. I was a novice and I tried all I could to hide my naivety. After I was tried with different roles, the 3 judges (1 Ghanaian & 2 Nigerians) exclaimed: "This guy is a pastor. It is too much in his DNA and he wears it as well. He cannot play those roles well", they said to mock at me.

Wow, I wear Christ? Anyway, I got the only Pastoral role in the script. It is no doubt that everywhere I go, strangers call me Pastor.

That is the brand I wear each day. Whose brand do you wear? Is it the Louis Vitton or the Georgio Armani or Christ?

My friends, it is simple. Any time you feel people have addressed you wrongly, check the kind of character and attitudinal brand you're wearing... It is needles to hurl insults on them for addressing you wrongly, just pause and check.

In Romans 13:14 & Gal 3:27, we are advised to put on Christ.

My ladies, people may address you as "Osofomaame, Cheap Girl, High Class Lady, Gold Digger, etc" and if you feel insulted, then pause and check. Men, no more mismatch in your branding. People will definitely address you the way you dress.

Your social Cv, thus the way people perceive you, is more important than your Degree and professional Cv. I've got so many opportunities because of my Social Cv and not my Degree. It's a matter of wearing the right brand.

Think about it! 
Reflect over it! 
Work on it!

Remove the old brand and wear Christ today.
Elder Ernest K. Akorli

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