Friday, 2 January 2015


Just as a new baby is handled with absolute care so do I pray that you handle your life & goals for the new year with due diligence for exploits. HaPpY New Year! 

Do not forget that making the best out of this year all depends on you, your decisions and indecisions, your thoughts and the force behind them, your associations and de-associations. 

Note that the worries, pains, shame, defeats, disappointments, negativities and the worst stuffs of the year 2014 are now history. If there is any mystery worth demystifying, then it's the present gift call today, the year 2015, the vast opportunities left untapped, the great chances to make impact and do exploits.  

The fact that you run at a loss, heartbroken, cheated, deceived, embittered, degraded, maligned, and the rest in the year 2014 does not mean you have to live with those memories. Shake off the dust and mud of the pains you clad yourself with.  

If God did not kill you in the year 2014, then it means He still has better plans for you, hence giving you more life to keep trying your vision till it works out. God still believes in you so believe in yourself, your potentials and abilities too. 

Remember, the year 2015 is a period of time. Work within your time for a reward and legacy for the next generation. 

Welcome to the year 2015! Just wanna say thank you all for reading my postings in the year 2014. I promise to bring you all the very best of this year as we all forward to seeing the glory of God. 

Thank you and love.