Thursday, 7 August 2014


Marilyn, after many years of being pestered by her parents to marry, finally finds someone and decided to leave to the village to introduce him to her aged parents in the remotest village in Ghana. 

Marilyn: Mum and Dad, meet the man in whom i find true love.

Parents: You're welcome! 

Young Man: Thank you! 

Dad: Your name and where you live?

Young Man: Ebo, La

Parents: Whaaaaat? Ebola! You mean you are the deadly ebola virus? 

Young Man: Oh no! No! 

Dad: Oh shut your mouth before you spread that deadly ebola virus here. 

Mum: What? Marilyn, do you want us to die so soon from ebola?

Marilyn: Oh no, mum! His name is Ebo from La, thus Labadi in Accra. 

Young Man: Yes, I'm Ebo, I live at La. 

Dad: Oh no! You can't marry my daughter. Please walk out immediately before you infest us with                 that virus called ebola.

Mum: Marilyn, we are disappointed in you! Your father and I were never educated but when it comes            to choosing life partners, we were more informed than you! 

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