Monday, 17 March 2014


Each day, so many ideas drop in our hearts and mind. Some of these ideas when properly nursed can transform generations and touch many lives than we could ever imagine. Some ideas may emerge out of some circumstances, motivational messages, creative efforts and through divinity. 

There were so many ideas that seemed foolish and impossible in their embryonic stage but later turn to liberate the next generation from a particular canker. Some of these ideas may seem economically not worth investing ones time and money but later worth giving it a try.
If you are in complete doubt and wondering whether your ideas will serve its intended purpose to benefit mankind, then read on. If you do not have confidence in yourself, who can have confidence in you? If you cannot convince yourself, you being the originator of the idea, then how could you communicate it to someone and convince them to buy into your ideas and support you.

Here are a few tips to assist you to determine whether you have great ideas to transform lives.

1.      Received through divinity: Never joke with ideas given you through visions, dreams and direct prophecies. These are ideas that are opened to individuals who have received the special mandate from above to execute.. He who gives divine vision is the provider of divine wisdom, financial breakthrough and all the resources that you need.

2.      Built around passion: Money will surely find you If you have a vision and the passion for it but do not have money to commence your ideas. If your vision does not have any innate driven force to propel you into action then it may not be worth trying. Passions breeds confidence in the heart of the vision finder. Passion without action is like a fractured hope.

You need to plan your ideas or vision and work it to achieve it. Each day’s dawn presents you with two opportunities either to wake up and work out your dreams (ideas) into fulfillment or keeping on sleeping and dreaming more dreams. The latter will wake up and see reality staring him in the face and in sharp contrast to his dreams he has had. Good and great things are not achieved by mere dreams and wishful thinking. If your ideas do not cause you discomfort to put them into full gear of action, then you are priding yourself around dead ideas that will be wiped out by small circumstances.

3.      It profits mankind: There is no need to sweat around doing something that will not profit and better the lives of people. It is worthless and not worth sweating over. The whole purpose of generating ideas and scientific discoveries is meant to better the lives of people on the planet. The world is ready to pay he who has an idea and can work it out into fruition to solve global problems.  

4.      Targets Large Ready Market: Does your vision cover a wide market range? Great ideas cut across villages, towns, regions and nations. The founder of Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter did not think of something to better the lives of a small group of people in a small obscure village. They had global ideas. Having an idea to assist your village folks is good but he who wants to do serious business in our time must start thinking going global. Stop thinking little! There is no beauty and pride in small achievements when you have the capacity to do it bigger than you can ever imagine.

You must be prepared to ask yourself whether your target market groups are interested in your ideas, products and services. Do not be deceived! You may be fascinated about an idea and rate it as a hit but may be rejected by your customers and or target group.

5.      Concise and easy to communicate: There is nothing more frustrating than a vision that is not clear, concise and concrete. How can you communicate and share your vision with potential partners if the ideas are still shapeless and passing through the brainstorming stage? Man, having ideas is not enough! Developing them into concrete and clear ideas is key and paramount to successful actions. 

6.      Great and unique style: Great ideas are not carbon copied ideas on the market! They are rather unique in its form and different from any other ideas existing on the market. Though it could be similar to other ideas, its distinctive features must stand out! It pays to have original ideas like the Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, etc. if your ideas are built around someone’s vision, then it could not have its unique features and style unless you carve something different altogether.

7.      Does it pay? Great ideas must pay off the creative originators and investors! It is expedient to invest your whole energy, time and money into something that will yield good results. If you cannot see the monetary value of your ideas in your mind right from the embryonic stage, then your hands may never have it at all.

8.      Online Marketing: Nowadays, many people choose to consult the internet for what they are looking for rather than people. Does your idea attract cyber attention? If yes, then your ideas can go to the whole and fetch you recognition and income.

9.      Difficult Duplicating: Any original idea that is great is difficult duplicating and producing the fake ones as well. There are so many brands that have stood the test of time and are able to stand keen competition. These are ideas that are properly nursed and carefully strategized to penetrate the market from generation to generations.

10. Generational Ideas: So many people conceive some ideas and pride around it thinking these ideas will rock the world and shoot them into the limelight. Surprisingly, these ideas and products quickly fade and are wiped out like fleeting shadows. If your ideas cannot last from one generation to another, then you are just lurking and flirting around with short time ideas which may even face stern competition on the market forcing it to quickly exit the system.

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