Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Mr. & Mrs. Normanyo
"I'm solidly behind you forever as the man and lover in your life", the groom seemed to be telling the bride as they posed for the camera. One of the important things to note as we make conscious steps into marriage is to marry and live with someone you can lean on without fear of slipping or falling away. 

Mame Efua has every right to relax and take this pose because Mr. Normanyo won't let her down because he is solidly behind her. To the singles out there, if you can't lean on him or her now without any fear and worry, then don't risk your life thinking you can do it tomorrow. The very things we do now form the bedrocks of tomorrow's outcome. 

I pray that he who has not found his love yet will find the one he can lean on without fear. May the Lord connect you to the right people in this year!